Some more in depth information on the traditional and modern Venetian Plaster


Polished plaster is the modern name for a traditional art. It covers a wide range of plasters ranging from the extremely polished venetian plastering, to the Italian art of Marmorino, to more industrial and concrete style plasters. There is evidence of its use 7500 years ago dating back to Roman times used in the walls of Roman Villas.
It is made from crushed marble and slaked lime, then tinted to the colour of choice. It is applied by trowel to create different textures, movements and colours on surface with care and precision taken to achieve the desired effects.
It is becomingly increasingly popular to create striking and bespoke walls and ceilings that bounce light and offer something different to a painted surface
The benefits of these natural products make it a great product for homes as well as commercially.

  • Natural products making it VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free
  • No need for painting, once on the wall it will never need painting again
  • Easy to clean, as a seamless surface that is waxed, dirt does not stick or get ingrained in the finish
  • Can be applied to walls, ceiling and furniture
  • Can be finished waterproof to be used in wet rooms and bathrooms
  • Striking feature walls with eye catching details
  • Increases indoor air quality